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Next Hotel Is Back! | TheoCMS (edited for us, by us) | Same owners | New Economy | Updated Catalog | Hiring | Next Dollars | Friendly Community | Forums | Contests & Events | CMS Features | Much much more!
-Welcome & Proceed to embark on a journey of adventure and mystery as well as enjoyable and quite amusing in making friends and becoming someone of power per say and working hard to achieve high level tasks !
Paradise Hotel/ Friendly Staff/ Customs/ Updated/ Badge shop/ Rare of The week/ LTD/ Hiring/ New Furni/ Diamonds/ Casino/ Events/Fast Food/Camera/Craftables/Crackables/ Marketplace/ Rare of the week/ Crates
Lebbo Hotel offers a large number of unique features which you will not be able to find on other retro's. We host a fair amount of events each day and Lebbo keeps growing!