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A. General

  1. Inappropriate content is NOT allowed anywhere on FindRetros.

B. Account

  1. Do not trade or sell your FindRetros account to anyone.
  2. Do not give out your FindRetros account details to anyone.
  3. Use a legitimate email address when registering your account.

C. Pages

  1. A pages banner image must NOT exceed 510x100 pixels.
  2. Do NOT sell or trade ANY of your FindRetros page(s).
  3. A pages website should go directly to the site intended, and no where else.
    • A FindRetros page must NOT link to the FindRetros voting page or API when linking from FindRetros.
  4. Do NOT use proxy's to gain votes for ANY FindRetros page, this goes for your own and other pages.
  5. All pages must be English, any other language(s) are not allowed.
  6. Do NOT use your page's website to vote for other pages on FindRetros.