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• Hiring soon • New retro • Strict Economy • Speedy website • Fixing catalogue • No Lag • Up 24/7 • Owned by Chance (aka) Info and Kage • Come now
Epic Hotel/Â¥/Newly Opened/Â¥/Hiring At 15 Users/Â¥/DDOS Protection/Â¥/Rare Catolouge/Â¥/R63A/Â¥/24/7 Uptime/Â¥/JOIN EPIC TODAY!
- R63B - Groups - Bots - Clothing - Relationships - RP Friendly - NO LAG - 100+ Enables/Effects - T-MOD Applications - Professional Staff - Daily Events - The real Static is back!
WE ARE BACK! ★ Wisdom an amazing atmosphere. A place where you can make friends, build rooms and socialise, we update Wisdom daily and ensure that everything is up to date including the catalogue!★
Micro Hotel ♣ R63B Custom Plus Emulator ♣ Friendly Staff ♣ Updated Catalogue & Custom Furniture ♣ Stable Economy ♣ DDOS Protected ♣ Newest and custom clothes ♣ :buyroom :sellroom :kiss :hug etc ♣ Hiring Moderators & Managers ♣
Hablix is a virtual world that is new to the community - providing users with the best gaming experience they deserve without any interruptions. We provide amazing features and content; why anywhere else?
Owned by Jack Retros
Looking for a hotel with a fantastic, friendly community? Great, you've come to the right place. We're on the Latest EMU, a nice,clean CMS and have a great staff team that are always on the look for people not following the rules. Come & see the fun
New // Growing community // Friendly Staff // 24/7 // Upto date // Hiring // JOIN NOW