Habbo Retros

Find the best Habbo retros in town!

Simply the best place to be since 2013. Fully working wired, daily competitions, helpful staff and constant fun. Come and find out why we're #1. Nitro client now available.
★ Daily Events ★ Hiring Staff ★ Fun and Unique Economy ★ NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED ★ Free Speech Friendly ★
★ A Lifetime Project | Very Stable, Fast Server | Nitro V2 | Always Updated | Amazing Community | Discord Server | Huge Selection of Furnis | Custom Furnis, Wireds & Clothes | Unique Games | Classic Habbo Rooms | Pets | Mobile Friendly | Level System
★ Hiring ★ Custom Nitro UI & Loads Of Custom Furniture ★ Custom CMS ★ Friendly Community & Staff ★ Gambling ★ Custom Features ★ Custom Commands ★ Suggestions accepted ★
• New Hotel • Great Community • Weekly Competitions • Dedicated Staff • Fresh Economy • Daily Events • A Hotel uniquely designed around its users •
Hive is a new hotel that raises the bar for our unique content exclusive to us and overall game quality, Not to mention the original ui designed by our team and the unique economy that you've never seen before on a retro. Why not join us today?
Habcoon, a new Habbo Retro in the scene. We have a welcoming community to offer and friendly user experience. The ultimate goal of Habcoon is to create a fun, safe, and toxic-free environment for all users to enjoy and play in.
A server with an interactive system that offers users the option to play classic or role-play Habbo. Users can work jobs, commit crimes, create gangs/mafias, combat with others or just play as a classic member & build rooms & participate in events.
Escape winters harsh cold in BoBBa City, the hybrid roleplaying experience, or immerse yourself in 24/7 automatic gaming and rewards.. play with friends or alone! The possibilities are endless, so why not start your journey today?
Simply the best hotel you can find with a Multilanguage system that has well over 100 languages. Fully functional wired, daily competitions, helpful staff and constant fun. Come and find out why we are better than most vanilla retros with a dead mark