Habbo Retros

Find the best Habbo retros in town!

The most well-recognized Habbo Retro known for its professional, fun and stable player environment for 4+ years. Over 1 million registrations and so many different communities to mingle between, we're positive Habboon will become your new addiction.
Here at Fresh Hotel we provide the best retro experience. We have a large user base, with all cultures of people & minimal downtime!
Looking for a retro with a welcoming community? Search no further, Rise is the place to be! With daily events, exclusive custom clothes, friendly staff, and unique updates being added weekly, why settle for less? Join Rise today, and see it yourself!
Do you want the best Habbo Retro experience possible? At Zabbo we keep a professional fun retro environment with 75,000 starting credits and 65,000 starting duckets. Great economy ran off Diamond Currency perfect for betting and trading.
We aim to bring back the old antiquated experience of Habbo. With a large variety of purchasable clothing, a strict economy, and daily events, Hablush is the place for you. Look nowhere else, the real deal is here.
PeakRP was the most successful Habbo Roleplay ever and we are now working on Version 2, bringing even more unique and never before seen ideas to RP. You can follow our progress on the discord server: https://discord.gg/MmwG3K6
Cebba is growing day by day! Why not come by and join such a wonderful community. Cebba is always online and updated daily.
-Welcome & Proceed to embark on a journey of adventure and mystery as well as enjoyable and quite amusing in making friends and becoming someone of power per say and working hard to achieve high level tasks ! Discord Chat : https://discord.gg/8JDh5gg
Sick of other retros closing down after building those unique rooms!? Come join NGH Today! Open since April 2017 in Beta, NGH is not going anywhere! You're a room builder? Or a gambler!? NGH is for you!
HabSpace is a Unique Habbo Retro aiming to give you the best experience possible! We have cool things such as Room Bundles, Catalog Deals, Crackable Items, Custom Commands and many more! Why not join today?