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Simply the best place to be since 2013. Fully working wired, daily competitions, helpful staff and constant fun. Come and find out why we're #1.
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Habify - Your Ultimate Habbo Retro Experience! // Unique Economy // Custom Furni & Clothing // Custom Commands // Friendly Staff // NEW // Hiring Now!
Innovation meets creation- experience our chill, drama free environment loaded with unique content for every type of player. See for yourself what a passionate team of creative individuals can accomplish, and begin your journey on BoBBa today!
☄️Habdoom Hotel☄️Great Staff☄️New Ownership☄️Up-to-date clothing & furniture☄️Constantly Updated☄️Daily Events☄️RP Friendly☄️
★ Profile Backgrounds ★ Customize your username with ONE CLICK ★ UI Color changing ★ GIFs & Voice notes in PMs and Main chat ★ Custom CMS ★ Very Friendly Community & Staff ★ Gambling ★ Custom Features ★ Custom Commands ★ Suggestions accepted ★ SAFE ★
‪♡ A Lifetime Project | Safe, Stable & Fast Server | Always Updated | Amazing Community | Discord Server | Huge Selection of Furnis | Custom Wireds, Furnis & Clothes | Daily Events | Unique Games | Classic Rooms | Mobile Friendly | Level System
Bigger and better VIP/ Hiring staff/ Loyal community/ Solid staff team and most of all a safe space for all users!
★ The "Oldskool" experience since 2021! ★ The hotel's theme is based on Habbo's 2012 unreleased Illumina concept! ★ We have all modern clothes. ★We have all modern furniture. ★ We have a lot of modern functions. ★ NO CUSTOMS!
Wired & fun. Daily competitions. Nitro client. Dream casino. Regular updates. Dedicated server. No download. Custom furni. Hiring. Friendly community. Gambling. Custom features. Daily events. Free speech. Join now! 🎮🏆💻💰🎲