Habbo Retros

Find the best Habbo retros in town!

We are the most up-to-date Habbo Retro servers with new features being added regularly and this is something we pride ourselves in. We feature a strict economy, frequent events, custom clothing & professional staff. Sign up and see for yourself!
Bored of standard Habbo and fancy something fresh? PeakRP is a roleplay designed around YOU. Become a police officer or bounty hunter, a paramedic or supervisor or take the other side and rule the best gang on the streets. Try PeakRP today!
Looking for a Habbo Retro with friendly users, endless outfit possibilities, and updated content? Search no further, Rise is the place for you! With new, unique features being added daily, Rise guarantees a unique gameplay like no other!
Looking for a community based retro? Featuring a strict eco, daily events and friendly users. Express yourself in HabLush with a large variety of up to date trends, and on going fun activities. The Lush world is waiting for you - Sign up now!
Zap Hotel is a professional and streamlined hotel that has been bringing the best to the retro community since 2010. With many unique features coded especially for Zap, we know that we can continue delivering the excellence you're accustomed to.
Hey! Fancy joining a community based hotel? Featuring custom commands, a stable emulator, a flawless website, and 100+ daily - we can guarantee a refreshing experience on our hotel. With all that in mind, why not give us a go? :)
We're a friendly community, with staff members who are committed to giving our users the best experience they can have! With Hundreds of Customs to explore, 50k to build with, and a beautiful catalogue, why not give us a try? NGH could be for you!
Zipto is a brand new retro, Updated furni and clothes, Custom catalogue and more features, JOIN NOW!
Habsi is a brand new hotel with an experienced staff team and is actively being developed. With new features daily, friendly users, and frequent events... There's no reason not to join! See you on the inside.
WE ARE BACK! BubboRP is a unique roleplay with a lot of unique features! Have you ever played a Habbo Roleplay where you get to explain your crimes away?! Request a Court trial with a jury?! We have many more unique features, come and see!