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SnowStorm|BattleBall|ALL Gamehall Games|Trax|Pets|Rollers|v35 Furni|Nostalgic User Interface|Cameras and photos|Wobble Squabble with High Scores|Lido Diving|97% Uptime|No hotelalert spam|Actively developed|Established 2009|
"Hitholl - From the Old School" || 2002 V5 Retroserver - Wobble Squabble - Camera - Lido - Bots - Automatic Rares prices calculation - Stocks Market - Own Web - Economy - Rares - Events - No lag
Dabbo is a new hotel looking for new members! We are also looking to hire staff. Events held daily. Come help the hotel grow!
The original 2009 v26 server with current development. Gangs, Jobs and much more! Come play the nostalgia feeling of HabboRP! You need Pale Moon browser or any other browser that supports Adobe Shockwave.