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Zabbo is a professionally ran Habbo Retro that strives to maintain a professional image. Competitions are hosted daily, Habplus is running on a custom stable emulator which offers, Floor Plan Editor, New Navigator, Limited Edition and more!
ELAF IST ZURÜCK! Schneller, Besser, Größer als je zuvor. Mit alter kleinerer Leitung und noch mehr Funktionen wollen wir das alte Hotel zum alten Glanz verhelfen! Wir hören auf noch so kleinen Anfragen rund ums Hotel! Keine versteckte Paywall oder
Come Join/ Have Fun/ Need Staff/ Open 24/7 /Rare give away at 20 users/ r63b/
• Hiring soon • New retro • Strict Economy • Speedy website • Fixing catalogue • No Lag • Up 24/7 • Owned by Chance (aka) Info and Kage • Come now
🌟Custom Rares 🌟Custom Clothes 🌟Hiring Staff 🌟Updated Client 🌟Strong Economy 🌟Friendly Community 🌟Hall Of Fame 🌟24/7 Online 🌟Gambling 🌟Casinos 🌟Agencies 🌟Roleplays 🌟Join Now
The only Habbo Retro with 500 million starting credits, free VIP, and administrator catalogue with every rare possible. Build your dream room or casino.
Home to a community of designers and pixel artists, Habpop strives to be creatively different. We update with new clothing & furniture regularly and are a user engaged environment. Habpop is the next big thing!
a fresh new retro. currently looking for staff and people to help organize events.
Spend your Christmas time at Habline Hotel! You'll truly be amazed! ;) â–ºRuns stable emulator â–ºLatest Furni. â–ºFriendly staff & community. â–ºDDOS protected. â–ºOn-line 24/7. â–ºFast Website.