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Habblix is a virtual world which takes you away from reality - we provide users with the best gaming experience possible without any interruptions. We promise our community amazing features and updated new content, so why not join today!
New hotel! Looking for new staff members and developers. This will be updated shortly.
New // Growing community // Friendly Staff // 24/7 // Upto date // Hiring // JOIN NOW
Sveriges största habbo retro 2018, gå med idag för chans till att bli personal, spela events eller bygg ditt egna rum!
★ WE HAVE MERGED WITH HABBLIX HOTEL ★ JOIN US THERE OR ON DISCORD AT https://discord.gg/yVKZMFg ★ VOTE FOR US BY VISITING https://findretros.com/rankings/vote/Habblix ★
Habrock Hotel | Active & Dedicated staff | Daily Events & Updates | Hiring