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Habboon is the most up to date retro out there. Come join us for daily competitions, custom clothing, fully updated wired and a dedicated staff team to help you with all your needs!
If you fancy reliving the old antiquated experience, Hablush is the place to be. With a strict economy and weekly updates, we can guarantee your stay here will be enjoyable!
With a constant flow of active users, this is the place for you! Catch us online now and participate in staff events, play our 24.7 auto games, and become part of the wonderful community that powers Habsay!
Open 24/7, Awesome Staff, No Lag, Legit Economy and More! So what are you waiting for? Join Today!
Find your true self in Bobba World! Create, explore, and achieve in an active world focused on you! Enjoy up-to-date features such as the camera and crafting! Join now to discover the wide variety of features that we offer. Seeking staff!
🌟Hablex Hotel runs on an edited Plus Emulator/RevCMS. 🌟Latest Furniture 🌟Custom Rares 🌟Custom Clothes 🌟Hiring Staff 🌟Updated Client 🌟Strong Economy 🌟Friendly Community 🌟Hall Of Fame 🌟24/7 Online 🌟Gambling 🌟Casinos 🌟Agencies 🌟Roleplays 🌟Join Now
Hablux is a new hotel striving to be creatively different! We bring weekly updates including clothing and furniture to cater for all your needs. We focus on user engagement and aim to be the best! Why the wait? Jump on in and get involved!
Habbee is an Up-to-date Retro with the newest furniture & clothing. Check in and build your empire. A great economy system awaits you.
Habright Hotel is founded on the motto that Habbo can be done the right way, we provide a unique and friendly experience that can't be found anywhere else! What are you waiting for? Hop on!
It is our duty to make sure Lobba will be your new favorite place on the internet ( beside your crazy p*rn sites ). To achieve this Lobba offers: - A very unique CMS. - Daily organised events. - Multiple languages; English(as main), German, Dutc