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If you're looking for an awesome place to hang around, with friendly users, it's none other than us! We are committed to give the best to our community by maintaining a stable and strong economy and keep our Hotel updated with the latest features! Wh
Static is a brand new hotel, We thrive ourselfs on our community - including an amazing staff team. We have also added even more clothing. :wealth and :pay commands and some beautiful Custom wings and custom currency.
Habbet is a hotel that strives to be community driven. Not only do we host regular events, and host live DJ sessions. We take pride in our hotel, and do the best to make sure everyone has a good day.
Nexus Hotel: Friendly Staff - Custom Furniture - 24/7 Uptime Guaranteed! - Unlimited Credits & Duckets - REGISTER WITH US NOW!
🌟Hablex Hotel runs on an edited Plus Emulator/RevCMS. 🌟Latest Furniture 🌟Custom Rares 🌟Custom Clothes 🌟Hiring Staff 🌟Updated Client 🌟Strong Economy 🌟Friendly Community 🌟Hall Of Fame 🌟24/7 Online 🌟Gambling 🌟Casinos 🌟Agencies 🌟Roleplays 🌟Join Now