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Paradise Hotel/ Friendly Staff/ Customs/ Updated/ Badge shop/ Rare of The week/ LTD/ Hiring/ New Furni/ Diamonds/ Casino/ Events
New | Hiring at 20 | Friendly staff | Customs | VIP lottery weekly | Big catalogue | R63B | English | Regular events | Casinos encouraged | Good economy | Owner was staff on fresh | Owned by PathogenicApex/Pathogenic/James and Roar/Poppy | JOIN TODAY
The new release is here! Here we have a strong economy, many fun commands, select customs, and a LAG FREE zone. Basic furni lines are at no cost. Hotel under constant development to keep providing the best up to date features to our users!
★ 24/7 Uptime ★ R63B ★ Custom Clothing ★ Custom Commands ★ Updated Catalogue w/ Consistent Updates ★ ★ Professionally Trained Staff ★ Growing Community ★ Growing Economy ★ Staff Applications OUT NOW ★ Why are you Waiting? Join Today! ★
Tired of those lame retros where you have no say in what direction the game goes? At Fokus every user matters and what YOU have to say has some merit to our decisions. We have daily events, a strict & unique economy, oldschool public rooms &MUCH MORE
Openhotel.us Crazy customs - Cool staff - A fun retro environment - Join today! Brand new server. Just launched!