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One unique habbo retro!
Great Economy - Great People - 0 Lag - DDOS Protected - Custom CMS - Custom Rares - Custom Features - Updated Daily
Want to play a virtual world with a little twist? Join the fun and see what cool features we've brought to our community. We are DDoS protected and lag free, plus regular features include the latest client UI, updated catalogue and new clothes!
WE ARE BACK! ★ Wisdom an amazing atmosphere. A place where you can make friends, build rooms and socialise, we update Wisdom daily and ensure that everything is up to date including the catalogue!★
Amp RP has been updated and is waiting for you! In constant development, we are always adding and changing things to keep you entertained. No boring gyms, drugs, weapons, balanced combat, vault heists, quests, vBulletin forums and much more.
Babbo is simply the greatest Habbo Retro. With amazing uptime, very exceptional server hardware, a very efficient CMS and professional management what more is possible? Babbo has returned for good.
• Hiring soon • New retro • Strict Economy • Speedy website • Fixing catalogue • No Lag • Up 24/7 • Owned by Chance (aka) Info and Kage • Come now
Hablix is a virtual world that is new to the community - providing users with the best gaming experience they deserve without any interruptions. We provide amazing features and content; why anywhere else?