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This page is for the public localhost testing purposes, No means to be used for rank population.
PeakRP v1 & v2 were the most successful Habbo Roleplays ever. We are now working on the next version which will again feature an array of brand new features. Stay tuned for more updates. peakrp.com
Babbo is simply the greatest Habbo Retro. With amazing uptime, very exceptional server hardware, a very efficient CMS and professional management what more is possible? Babbo has returned for good.
Fuze hotel ! Great eco ! 15+ daily ! hiring!
Brand new * Seeking staff * Weekly competitions * VPS Hosted * Come join!
♣ Custom cms ♣ Stable emu ♣ Growing community ♣ Merry Christmas :). Spend your Holiday with us!.
🌟 The most unique since 2010 🌟 Many weekly events 🌟 Weekly quests 🌟 Active, polite & fun staff 🌟 Free VIP commands 🌟 Great managed economy 🌟 Active rare valuers 🌟 Building commands 🌟 Unique crate system 🌟 Active Discord 🌟 No drama whores 🌟
★ Brand New ★ R63B Stable ★ 24/7 ★ Great Catalogue ★ DDoS Protected ★ Hiring Staff ★ Daily Events ★ Great Economy ★