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Habzo Hotel is a fantastic hotel we have fabulous community,we have updated system and catalogue,Hiring staff and ambassador to welcome new players! Visit us today!
We're back in action, Zabbo Hotel is the most up to date retro out there. Come join us for daily competitions, custom clothing, fully updated wired and a dedicated staff team to help you with all your needs
Habbo retro is a basic & professional hotel designed well with an excellent economy & a staff team picked by retro veterans. Habbo retro could be your new home!
Habjoy is a returning favorite that strives to focus on giving you the best experience possible. Habjoy will put a huge focus on a extremely strong economy, professionalism which will help provide entertainment to you. Trust us, give us a chance.
Habrise is a professionally ran Habbo Retro that strives to maintain a professional image. Competitions are hosted daily, Habrise is ran on custom stable emulator which offers, Floor Plan Editor, Updated Furni, Limited Edition, Custom Commands and mo
🌟 Brand New 🌟 Updated 🌟 Hiring Staff 🌟 Daily Events 🌟 DDOS Protected 🌟 Stable Economy 🌟 Latest Commands and Clothes 🌟 ROTW / COTW 🌟 24/7 Uptime 🌟 Why not join the fun? 🌟