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We pride ourselves on our Kind and Welcoming Community. Free Credits, Duckets and Diamonds every 15 minutes. Custom Furni, Slot Machines, Name Colours, Most Updated Furni, Newest Clothes & MORE!
The Home of Arcturus Morningstar, the number one habbo retro emulator. We have Trax Machines, Events, Battleships, Game Tokens, Weekly Lottery, and so much more. Why not give us a try?
-Welcome & Proceed to embark on a journey of adventure and mystery as well as enjoyable and quite amusing in making friends and becoming someone of power per say and working hard to achieve high level tasks !
Paradise Hotel/ Friendly Staff/ Customs/ Updated/ Badge shop/ Rare of The week/ LTD/ Hiring/ New Furni/ Diamonds/ Casino/ Events/Fast Food/Camera/Craftables/Crackables/ Marketplace/ Rare of the week/ Crates
At Habbo, we keep a professional fun retro environment with free starting credits. duckets, diamonds Great economy perfect for betting and trading and the newest furniture and clothes. Build something great with us!
🌟 Aventura 🌟 A newly developed hotel with a rapidly growing community. We have a growing economy, Daily events, LTD Releases, Weekly competitions, Automatic Games, Casinos, FastFood, Camera and much more! Come see what the fuss is all about..
Next Hotel Is Back! | TheoCMS (edited for us, by us) | Same owners | New Economy | Updated Catalog | Hiring | Next Dollars | Friendly Community | Forums | Contests & Events | CMS Features | Much much more!
24/7 Uptime No Downtime Fast Client No Lagg Fast Website Constantly Being Worked On Things that our hotel needs! More Users And People That Would Like To Work For HoB More Staff Come Apply We Run On Plus Emu All Glitches Bugs Have Been Fi