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We pride ourselves on our Kind and Welcoming Community. Free Credits, Duckets and Diamonds every 15 minutes. Custom Furni, Slot Machines, Name Colours, Most Updated Furni, Newest Clothes & MORE!
1 Year Of Running ★ Daily Events ★ Professional Staff ★ Unique Ran Economy ★ Online 24/7 ★ ZeRo Lag ★ Loyal Community ★ CAMERA ★ Daily Reward ★ Custom Editable Theme ★ Unique Client/In-Game ★ Updated Furni/Clothes ★ MASSIVE BETTING COMMUNITY
ALL wired fully working, leaderboards, camera, name colours, custom wired, custom clothes, custom furniture, daily events and hiring staff!
Splash Hotel is a brand new up and coming retro. At Splash we have a great economy, casinos, events, games, and fully working wired. We also have a wonderful staff team, and a loyal community. We hope to see you there!
Long lasting aim to be open for a very long time // R63B // Stable eco // Arcturus Morningstar // Hiring // Updated // New furni // Super fast website and client // NO LAG // Come and join Nectus Hotel today!!
🌟Hablex Hotel runs on an edited Plus Emulator/RevCMS. 🌟Latest Furniture 🌟Custom Rares 🌟Custom Clothes 🌟Hiring Staff 🌟Updated Client 🌟Strong Economy 🌟Friendly Community 🌟Hall Of Fame 🌟24/7 Online 🌟Gambling 🌟Casinos 🌟Agencies 🌟Roleplays 🌟Join Now
The new place to be! Otaku is a new hotel that has events, staff applications and tries to be unique in his own way. We hope everyone who plays our hotel feels safe and welcome and this is also our main goal!
Weekly Updates, 24/7, No lag, Nice Staff, Hiring, Stable Econemy, Active Staff, R63b, Updated Furniture, Always Updated Hope you stay and have fun this is not made for profit this is made so you can have fun HabStar Hotel Discord: https://discord.g
Welcome to the new hotel: HABWISE! Enjoy the events, prizes and a lot more. We are also looking for new eXperts! Something for you?