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At Zabbo we keep a professional fun retro environment with 75,000 starting credits. Great economy perfect for betting and trading and the newest furniture and clothes. Plus we have a diamond timer so everyone can have a chance at being rich!
Zipto is a brand new Habbo retro which aims to provide the best experience possible! We compete by delivering daily updates within the hotel and we also strive to maintain a strict and stable economy, so why not join?
New // R63B // Arcturus Morningstar // Hiring // Updated // New furni // Come and join Nectus Hotel today!!
HabWorld, where the fun begins • Active staff • Amazing eco • We love casinos ;) • Free HC • Drop in to one of the greatest communities • Customized UI for amazing experience ...and we do not use trashy cheap $10 servers to run this retro. P.S.
A new retro founded in 2019 aiming to shake up the scene with quality over quantity. Come find out how we're making a difference! 📜 24/7 uptime - 📜 Credit, Ducket and Diamond timers - 📜 Great and Friendly Staff - 📜 60 FPS Client - 📜 Working Camera