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★ Profile Backgrounds ★ Customize your username with ONE CLICK ★ UI Color changing ★ GIFs & Voice notes in PMs and Main chat ★ Custom CMS ★ Very Friendly Community & Staff ★ Gambling ★ Custom Features ★ Custom Commands ★ Suggestions accepted ★ SAFE ★
HTML 5 Habbo ★ Multi Language Hotel (Translation) ★ Big Catalog ★ New Commands ★ Funny People ★ Chill People Come and enjoy!
Oldskool Habbo is a remake of v18 Habbo with features from earlier and later versions in HTML5. No shockwave download required! - We also have modern gadgets such as Wired, Stack Tiles and Background Toners. Join us today and relive the past!
Fabbo is the world's most advanced RP environment. Award winning since our opening in 2006 - we're back to re-invent the sector, again. 🗳️ Political System 👔 Businesses & Corporations 🏠 Houses & Real Estate 🔫 Organised Crime 🕹️ Mini Games