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HabboOrange is a community based on meeting new people and enjoying your time within a friendly environment and steady economy. We welcome all nationalities and all types of retro players!
Daily Events ✧˚ · . Welcoming Community ✧˚ · . No rank shop ✧˚ · . Tons of custom Furni -Wireds - Features & Clothing ✧˚ · . Battleball Power-ups ✧˚ · . Looking for staff! ✧˚ · . Strict Economy ✧˚ · .
Nice to see you here. In the last weeks the team of Habbo.ms, has put a lot of work into this project to finally present it to you. With much anticipation we would like to give you an insight into Habbo.ms! Are you ready for an adventure?
A new habbo retro that have custom furnitures and a community of weebs! We are hiring staffs atm! Come join us and become a part of our community! Nitro Hotel, Good economy, LTD catalogue , custom furnitures, extra commands, & fun community!
Automatic Games 💎 // Questing ⚔️ // Badge Catalog 🛒 // Actively Developed ✅ A growing community created by the people, for the people. Join Hobo and experience the difference for yourself- lots of exciting things on the horizon!