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Bored of r63b? Welcome to Habbo.BZ, the number #1 r63 Habbo Retro, start off with 2,500 credits and 1,000 pixels with our amazing catalog. DDoS protected, online 24/7. This is only the beginning, so I would join now if I was you to witness history ;)
Happy Pride to everyone from HABMe! - With over 400+ Daily Players, come and join them today? We offer CASH GIVEAWAYS with Amazon Vouchers, Paypal Credit & more! - Opened: 20/04/2020 // Hiring Staff // Daily Events Schedule // Custom CMS
HabzoRp is back and better than ever. We have a stable server and economy, and are constantly editing and adding new features. https://discord.gg/GXEPgQh