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BlissRP is an upcoming habbo roleplay that strives on community-driven features. We are currently in open-beta, where 70% of the core functionality of roleplays has been implemented. Our team would love to hear your constructive feedback!
★ Fully HTML5 & Updated Return!★ Unique Website theme! ★ Hiring Staff ★ Daily Events ★ Professional Staff ★ Unique Ran Economy ★ Online 24/7 ★ ZeRo Lag ★ Loyal Community ★ Mobile Version ★ Daily Reward ★ Unique Client/In-Game ★ Updated Furni
★From The Creator of Tally-Hotel (2007-2010)★ ★ Leveling System - Rewards @ Each Level ★ HTML5 / Flash Client ★ Democratic Voting System ★ Free Speech Hotel - We Won't Cancel You ★ We're Here for the Long Haul ★ [√ ] Updated 1-18-2022 ||
Walk into the streets of Bobba, and begin your new life, work, hustle, build, and create your desired image. You can stay up to date on progress and join the community on our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/jXxgQbf79e
PeakRP - The most advanced RP. Ever.