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1 Year Of Running ★ Daily Events ★ Professional Staff ★ Unique Ran Economy ★ Online 24/7 ★ ZeRo Lag ★ Loyal Community ★ CAMERA ★ Daily Reward ★ Custom Editable Theme ★ Unique Client/In-Game ★ Updated Furni/Clothes ★ MASSIVE BETTING COMMUNITY
Fabbo is the world's most advanced RP. Breaking records and winning awards, Fabbo has continued to grow and grow with reaching 300,000+ registered users since our opening in 2006. Now in Open Beta.
Hello there! We are Pure Hotel, a new, fresh and fun habbo community with the safest moderation. We are hiring staff and moderators today! So, why not join our Discord Server and you will certainly NOT regret it! // Sign up today! :)