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HABMe is the next big thing, and we’re HIRING STAFF! We offer CASH GIVEAWAYS with Amazon Vouchers and more! // Launched 20/04/2020. // Hiring Staff // Very Active Community // Custom CMS // 99.8% Uptime // Very Stable Economy!
Static is a brand new hotel, We thrive ourselfs on our community - including an amazing staff team. We have also added even more clothing. :wealth and :pay commands and some beautiful Custom wings and custom currency.
We are in need of a community! We have a couple friendly people on staff but are looking - STAFF APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! Also looking for trusted development helpers! We accept anyone & everyone to join our fresh, new community to help our economy!
A fun and friendly experience.flash roleplay old school habbo retro hiring r63b new shockwave fun friendly events staff hotel updated economy rp habbo retro custom casino
It is our duty to make sure Lobba will be your new favorite place on the internet ( beside your crazy p*rn sites ). To achieve this Lobba offers: - A very unique CMS. - Daily organised events. - Multiple languages; English(as main), German, Dutch