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Harry Potter RP is a virtual Roleplaying Habbo Retro that is based of the famous novel Harry Potter. You get chance to cast spells and more!
Closed. - Soon to be updated.
FreshRP is powered by a Custom Emulator. We have NO GUNS! We're looking for people who are dedicated and worthy of becoming corporation managers. We also have updated to the latest build!
- Prefijos adquiribles desde el Catalogo. - Colores para los prefijos. - Nombre de colores. - Buena economía de rares. - Monedas especiales para comprar furnis y placas exclusivas. - Wireds funcionando. - Comandos especiales de tipo ROL. - Cat
Cosmic is a Unique Habbo Retro aiming to give you the best experience possible! We have cool things such as Room Bundles, Catalog Deals, Crackable Items, Custom Commands and many more! Why not join today?
★ 24/7 ★ Loyal Community ★ Great Staff ★ Hiring NOW ★ Custom / Up to date Catalogue ★ Friendly Environment ★ Custom CMS ★ Join Today! ★
Bobba is a professionally ran habbo retro that strives to maintain a professional image. Along with staying fully updated, bobba also provides things such as minigames, quests, daily events, 100% working football and more!
Looking for a place to stay? You can call Dubbo home. Come meet players from all around the world and compete in a variety of events against each other!