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Simply the best place to be since 2013. Featuring 800+ daily players, fully working wired, daily competitions, helpful staff and constant fun. Come and find out why we're #1.
Home of custom content. Lush is renovating during BETA and slowly but surely going to return to its glory days and become the next big thing. Friendly community, helpful staff, constant fun, a strict economy and more. Join now, support us.
The new place to be! Otaku is a new hotel that has events, staff applications and tries to be unique in his own way. We hope everyone who plays our hotel feels safe and welcome and this is also our main goal!
Weekly Updates, 24/7, No lag, Nice Staff, Hiring, Stable Econemy, Active Staff, R63b, Updated Furniture, Always Updated Hope you stay and have fun this is not made for profit this is made so you can have fun HabStar Hotel Discord: https://discord.g