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Looking for a retro that never fails to disappoint? Pick Rise! With Custom Rares/Clothing, Weekly LTD's, Frequent Events, and Friendly Staff.. We guarantee that Rise is always a fun, interactive time! Join today, and be a part of our community.
Habblix is a virtual world that is new to the community - providing users with the best gaming experience they deserve without any interruptions. We provide amazing features and content; we also use a CMS theme named Sleek. Join today!
Xabbo Hotel is an online community for players where you create your very own character and design hotel rooms. You'll also meet new friends, chat, organize parties, create and play games, complete quests, get rich, win rares, bet and compete.
New in 2018, Omega Hotel features a custom CMS to help make your stay more unique than other hotels! With the latest furni, fastfood, camera & much more, there is always something fun to do at Omega!
Join Force Hotel today!, with a custom website, a fast client and constant updates. Your experience never fail to excite you!
The original Casino Based Hotel is back and here to stay! 2 years ago we came up with a brilliant idea for a hotel with strong focus on the casino community. After closing 6 months ago, we've reopened with vengeance to become the top hotel for casino