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Habcoon, a new Habbo Retro in the scene. We have a welcoming community to offer and friendly user experience. The ultimate goal of Habcoon is to create a fun, safe, and toxic-free environment for all users to enjoy and play in.
★ A Lifetime Project | Very Stable, Fast Server | Nitro V2 | Always Updated | Amazing Community | Discord Server | Huge Selection of Furnis | Custom Furnis, Wireds & Clothes | Unique Games | Classic Habbo Rooms | Pets | Mobile Friendly | Level System
1 YEAR ON & STILL KICKIN' ★Free Speech ★ Leveling System - Rewards @ Each Level ★ HTML5/Flash ★ Vote On Laws and Rules ★ 100's of Custom Items ★ The Hotel That WON'T Shut Down - NEW + CLASIC★ [√ ] Updated 1-23-2023 ||
Nohabbo is a global online hotel where players can chat, build rooms, participate in events and much more. The hotel is available in eight different languages and features an extensive assortment of furni and clothing including lots of custom-made fu