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Old School ★ r31/r39 ★ International ENGLISH, PT/BR, ES ★ Hiring Staff ★ Stable ★ Pets ★ Original Public Rooms ★ New Community ★ Wobble Squabble ★ Battle Ball ★ Snow Storm ★ TRAX ★ Join our new community and experience Habbo as it was in 2007-2009!
| 40,000+ Furniture 🪑 | Custom Commands 🤖 | Drama-Free Community 😊 | Automatic Games & Rewards 🎮🏆 | Achievements & Tasks 🌟 | Name Colors & Icons 🎨 | Classic Habbo Spaces Reimagined 🌐 | Join the retro revolution at HabPlace! 🚀 |
We are finishing up HoloRP v2 for the "finished" version later in the year. We are fine-tuning and adding essential features. You can stay up to date on progress and join the community on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2PBnM34
❌ NO Client Downloads, All in the web 🦕 Shockwave Themed Client👕 Custom Clothing 👜All Modern Furni 👛 Easy Economy - NO PAID VIP RANK, EVERYONE IS EQUAL🥇 Daily and Weekly Competitions
Revival RP is a Habbo Roleplay based on the old school era. We feature gangs, turfs, weapons, bounties, drugs, brawls, corporations, bank robberies, requesting court trials, digging graves and more!
HabboRP💙 Work💼 Fight💪 Heist💸 Farm🥕 discord.gg/yGExQhqg2G
Frank: the latest haven for Habbo fans! Dive into wired challenges, daily events. Miss old Habbo? Join our niche community. With a balanced economy and welcoming vibe join us at Frank.community!