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1 Year Of Running ★ Daily Events ★ Professional Staff ★ Unique Ran Economy ★ Online 24/7 ★ ZeRo Lag ★ Loyal Community ★ CAMERA ★ Daily Reward ★ Custom Editable Theme ★ Unique Client/In-Game ★ Updated Furni/Clothes ★ MASSIVE BETTING COMMUNITY
ALL wired fully working, leaderboards, camera, name colours, custom wired, custom clothes, custom furniture, daily events and hiring staff!
R59★ GRANDE Comunidade Brasil ★ Daily Events ★ Professional Staff ★ Unique Economy ★ Online 24/7 ★ ZeRo Lag ★ Loyal Community ★ CAMERA ★ Daily Reward ★ Custom Buildable Theme ★ Single Client/In-Play ★ Furni/Clothes Updated
Heat Hotel is a brand new Habbo Retro with a tight economy, and with the best catalog you can find anywhere. We strive to be the best Habbo Retro around. We listen to what our users have to say and reward those who help the hotel with great ideas. So
Come play habbosunshine we have alot off maze that you can do its called the escape room. Try to finich all mazes. Also you can build a maze and they will added and people will play your maze too!
We are finishing up HoloRP v2 for the "finished" version later in the year. We are fine-tuning and adding essential features. You can stay up to date on progress and join the community on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2PBnM34
We give unlimited credits, and unlimited duckets, as well as access to the staff catalog! Come and build the room of your dreams today! Start your journey in the wonderland we call Habsay.
Inter Hotel - International Community with Great Economy, DDoS Protection and Friendly User. We are open 24/7 with No Lag. We are using Customized CMS and we Updated Furni periodically. Hiring Staff at 50+ Users Online!!!