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Come see what all the fuss is about at Pyro Hotel! We have all the latest and working clothing, furni and name colours! Great staff and very fast!
🌟 HABFLASH 🌟 Developed hotel with a growing community. We have a growing economy, Custom CMS & SWFs, LTD Releases, Weekly competitions, Games, Casinos, Much more!
PlayForce is a very stable and fast hotel. We are back and better than ever before! We have the latest clothes and furniture and even CUSTOM clothing! Come check it out!
New Scandinavian/English hotel 2020, sign up today for free! Emojis • Youtube • Custom Clothes • Hiring Staff • Good Economy • Daily Events • Casinos • Gambling
Habconnect Hotel Now Open | Christmas Furni 2019 | Diamonds Economy System | Hiring | 20+ Users Daily | Latest Furni | VIP | Badge Events | PRIDE
Join in HabboGood and enjoy games and our rooms, Credits, HC membership and much more.
"Hitholl - From the Old School" || 2002 V5 Retroserver - Wobble Squabble - Camera - Lido - Bots - Automatic Rares prices calculation - Stocks Market - Own Web - Economy - Rares - Events - No lag
A new retro founded in 2019 aiming to shake up the scene with quality over quantity. Come find out how we're making a difference! 📜 24/7 uptime - 📜 Credit, Ducket and Diamond timers - 📜 Great and Friendly Staff - 📜 60 FPS Client - 📜 Working Camera