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We pride ourselves on our Kind and Welcoming Community. Free Credits, Duckets and Diamonds every 15 minutes. Custom Furni, Slot Machines, Name Colours, Most Updated Furni, Newest Clothes & MORE!
Whether your a new player or old player, we want everyone to feel welcome at Nexxt Online! We aim to have the most balanced economy possible, and make sure that everyone remains on a level playing field! Owned by MattyBruv from Fresh Hotel.
If you're looking for an awesome place to hang around, with friendly users, it's none other than us! We are committed to give the best to our community by maintaining a stable and strong economy and keep our Hotel updated with the latest features! Wh
Habconnect Hotel is an International Habbo retro with an aim to bring the Retro Community together, We welcome any person no matter what/who they are to join us in celebrating the most friendly Habbo Retro Online!
Welcome to Aubbo RP. You can get a job and fight gangs! We are looking for staffs / job managers. New RP released :) Join the server to enjoy with other members and become the biggest in the Aubbo World!
HabzoRp is back and better than ever. We have a stable server and economy, and are constantly editing and adding new features. https://discord.gg/GXEPgQh
Habactive is the most up-to-date retro. Daily Events. Hiring. Professionally Runs. No lag. Unique Features. Largest Catalogue We're international. And MUCH more; Why are you waiting? Join now! https://habactive.com/index
Furni is the largest Norwegian Habbo retro in 2020. Join today and play!