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HABMe is the next big thing, and we’re HIRING STAFF! We offer CASH GIVEAWAYS with Amazon Vouchers and more! // Launched 20/04/2020. // Hiring Staff // Very Active Community // Custom CMS // 99.8% Uptime // Very Stable Economy!
BANS RESET & NEW MANAGEMENT TEAM ★ Daily Events ★ Professional Staff ★ Unique Ran Economy ★ Online 24/7 ★ ZeRo Lag ★ Loyal Community ★ CAMERA ★ Daily Reward ★ Unique Client/In-Game ★ Updated Furni/Clothes ★ MASSIVE BETTING COMMUNITY
If you're looking for an awesome place to hang around, with friendly users, it's none other than us! We are committed to give the best to our community by maintaining a stable and strong economy and keep our Hotel updated with the latest features! Wh
The Best Hotel Released - Custom Rares - Free Credits & HC Club - Active, Polite & Fun Staff - Hiring - Great Managed Economy - 100% Working Wired
A modern style hotel combined with nostalgic features. A hotel that takes pride in it's users in forward of making the best possible community.
Welcome to Light Hotel, we are a brand new hotel who is focused on keeping things as up to date as possible and also listening to the community on what they want to see, join today!
Casino's / Basketball / RP + More ★ Professional Staff ★ Custom Clothes ★ Custom Furni ★ DDOS Protected ★ Newly Opened ★ Owners with 8+ Years Experience ★ Economy Like No Others
||New hotel!||Custom Commands||Lottery!||Toll Gates!||Working Wired||Working Groups||Pets||Friendly Community||Custom Furni||Ideas Implemented||Casinos/Betting||Events!||LTD's Page||Live Dj's|| Hope to see you there!
Want to discover the unique features Zova has? Join today and get involved in many activities that suit your preference from events, safe gambling! 🌟 24/7 Up-time - 🌟 Custom Emulator 🌟 Hourly MiniGames for Diamond Rewards - 🌟 Most Updated Catalog 🌟