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Brand new Habbo Retro which allows anyone to upload custom furni (SWFs). Join us to see our work progress and release on Github.
🌟Pabbohotel 🌟Latest Furniture |Custom Rares |Custom Clothes |Hiring Staff |Updated Client |Strong Economy |Friendly Community |Hall Of Fame |24/7 Online |Gambling |Casinos |Agencies |Roleplays |Join Now| We dont using cheaper Server!
Long lasting aim to be open for a very long time // R63B // Stable eco // Arcturus Morningstar // Hiring // Updated // New furni // Super fast website and client // NO LAG // Come and join Nectus Hotel today!!
🌟Hablex Hotel runs on an edited Plus Emulator/RevCMS. 🌟Latest Furniture 🌟Custom Rares 🌟Custom Clothes 🌟Hiring Staff 🌟Updated Client 🌟Strong Economy 🌟Friendly Community 🌟Hall Of Fame 🌟24/7 Online 🌟Gambling 🌟Casinos 🌟Agencies 🌟Roleplays 🌟Join Now
Epoch is a R63B hotel currently under development. Do not join this hotel expecting the full package. Currently we are focused on the following; Reworking catalog and all furni interactions - Reworking Clothing - Adding Commands and features.
ASIA ★ ONLINE 24/7 ★ GREAT STAFF ★ FRIENDLY COMMUNITY ★ R63B ★ RARES ★ WEEKLY EVENTS ★ HIRING ★ Free VIP ★ Stay with us during this COVID season
The new place to be! Otaku is a new hotel that has events, staff applications and tries to be unique in his own way. We hope everyone who plays our hotel feels safe and welcome and this is also our main goal!
Heat Hotel is a brand new Habbo Retro with a tight economy, and with the best catalog you can find anywhere. We strive to be the best Habbo Retro around. We listen to what our users have to say and reward those who help the hotel with great ideas. So
★ New Retro ★ Friendly Community ★ Amazing CMS ★ Custom Clothes ★ Latest Catalogue (being updated) ★ Growing Rapidly ★ Updated Daily ★ Online 24/7 ★ Events ★ Casinos ★ DDOS Protected ★ Friendly Staff ★ Strict Eco ★ 24/7 Online Radio ★