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Friendly dedicated staff | HIRING! | Old Fashioned | 50,000c Starter!
Welcome to HabHop, with freshly touched up software we can guarantee a smooth and clean experience. Our developer(s) are more than equipped to ensure you have a good stay! Please stay tuned for staff interviews.
Innovations and great team are waiting for you! Special awards for special occasions, Credit, diamonds, duck rains, respectable and respectful community: This is Hubba!
It's been 9 years since ArchieZone was alive.... well guess what's FINALLY returning!
Soap Hotel is better than ever, we have now upgraded to Habbo V5 which means we have wobble squabble, cameras, new furniture and much more in store. Join today for the ultimate Habbo old school experience!
Revival RP is a Habbo Roleplay based on the old school era. We feature gangs, turfs, weapons, bounties, drugs, brawls, corporations, bank robberies, requesting court trials, digging graves and more!
24/7 || Excellent cata || Indoor/outdoor || LTD || Prize boxes || Events
🌟 Aventura 🌟 A newly developed hotel with a rapidly growing community. We have a growing economy, Daily events, LTD Releases, Weekly competitions, Automatic Games, Casinos, FastFood, Camera and much more! Come see what the fuss is all about..
|★| FREE VIP |★| Lots of Customs |★| Dedicated users & staff |★| Weekly Rares and LTD Furnis |★| R63B |★| Super fast server |★| Customs CMS |★| You'll Be Shock'd! Join today and get instant benefits!